Adventure Banz – Aqua

Adventure Banz are the premium range from Baby Banz, the experts in children’s eye protection.

We recommend Adventure Banz as the most suitable range for babies up to a year, as the soft silicone nose and brow piece makes them the most comfortable fit.

TIP: Don’t use your Plunket head measurement. This is taken over the temples, which is not where sunglasses are worn. Measure your child snugly over the eye area and around the head, for a true measurement.

  • Soft silicone nose and brow piece (same colour as sunglasses), designed for maximum comfort
  • Category 3 lenses offer 100% UVA and UVB protection and high sun glare reduction
  • Patented neoprene wraparound headband with Velcro adjustment keeps sunglasses in place and allows for growth
  • Made of sturdy, shatter-resistant polycarbonate, of ophthalmic quality
Adventure Banz Sizing
Baby Banz 2 months to 2 years Up to 43cm
Kidz Banz 2 years to 5 years 43cm to 53.5cm